MEMA Launches NORA-Funded Program for Consumers & Retailers

Using National Oilheat Research Alliance funds, MEMA has launched a new website that is the portal for promoting energy efficiency, equipment rebates, BIOHEAT and the comprehensive services offered by heating oil retailers throughout Massachusetts. On the equipment rebates, customers can take advantage of up to $500 in rebates when they install a new oil-fired boiler or furnace along with a heating oil tank. MEMA also initiated a statewide TV, radio, newspaper and digital advertising campaign to publicize the program.


Oilheat Technician Training Set for July

MEMA, in cooperation with Firedragon Enterprises, is supporting a two-week, 80 hour NORA Bronze Oilheat technician training class to be held on July 17 at the Beckett Training Center in Sturbridge. Read more. 

Emissions Reductions Continue to Improve with BIOHEAT

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has released a new report showing that the use of heating oil blended with biodiesel, or BIOHEAT, significantly reduces emissions from carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur, particulate matter and hydrocarbons. Read the NBB report.

The Real Cost of Converting Fuels

MEMA and the American Energy Coalition have developed materials for retailers to use to assist in marketing home heating oil and BIOHEAT. Retailers can also use two full-color documents for marketing and communications. Get the Facts Before You Convert. Heating Oil Value.


American Energy Coalition

Oilheat America

National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA)

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