Realty Pro$

MEMA's Oilheat Dealers Make the Sale with Real Estate Professionals


With nearly one million homes in Massachusetts relying on Oilheat, real estate professionals need to be constantly updated on the latest information when it comes to the benefits, services and technology of Oilheat and Bioheat® fuel; and be educated on the many misconceptions that surround the sale of Oilheated homes. Realty professionals and homebuyers have many questions and concerns about home energy choices. Thanks to MEMA’s Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success™ – the PRO$ program – local Oilheat dealers are now providing answers to clarify and assure both audiences that heating oil is the right fuel when buying or selling a home.


Under the PRO$ program – a NORA supported effort – volunteer Oilheat dealers meet with and work closely with realty professionals in their area to educate, inform and prepare them to make the sale. Through in-house presentations, office visits, a dedicated web page and social media campaign, the PRO$ program: 


  • Engages with Realty professionals so they say better things about heating oil when they represent buyers or sellers.
  • Uses Realty professionals as a conduit to get our pro-oil information into the hands of people buying Oilheated homes.
  • Builds strong bridges between Realty professionals and local oil dealers so they are the go-to resource.
  • Sends Oilheat representatives to realty trade shows and networking events.
  • Distributes pro-oil and pro-energy efficiency materials.

For more information on getting involved in the PRO$ program, visit or call MEMA at 781-365-0844.