About Bioheat®

Understanding the Movement to Bioheat® Fuel


Massachusetts is helping to lead the evolution of Oilheat to Bioheat® – a green fuel that is paving a new trail — one that leads to a cleaner and healthier environment, while increasing the efficiency and longevity of heating equipment on a residential and national level.


What is Bioheat® Fuel? 


Bioheat® fuel is a blend of Oilheat with biodegradable organic materials (biodiesel) to form a super fuel for home heating systems. The biodiesel used in Bioheat® is a byproduct of food production, such as soy, canola, and other vegetable oils. Bioheat® customers benefit from a combination of the ultra-low sulfur content of Oilheat with the clean, renewable resources used in the production of Bioheat®. 

The amount of biodiesel used to produce Bioheat® differs, with dealers offering blends containing anywhere from 2 percent (B2) to 20 percent (B20). The higher the blend, the greener and cleaner your home’s heating equipment will be.


How Does Bioheat® Help the Planet?

On the production end of Bioheat®, as manufacturers utilize more and more renewable resources, there is less of a need for crude oil. The biodiesel component reduces the volume of petroleum-based fuel by 2 to 20 percent per gallon of Bioheat®. For example, if a homeowner uses B20 blend Bioheat®, that’s 20 percent less Oilheat being used up and that translates to less crude oil needed to be extracted from the earth.

Bioheat® also burns very cleanly. The low-sulfur Oilheat component in Bioheat® already boasts near-zero emissions, and with biodiesel those emissions are reduced even further. B20 blends of Bioheat® also reduce sulfur oxide emissions by as much as 80 percent, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 20 percent. What’s more, carbon dioxide emissions can be lowered by 20 percent.


How Does Bioheat® Help our Country and our Cities?

America’s independence from foreign oil is significantly improved thanks to Bioheat®, as it uses domestically grown agricultural resources. This also creates thousands of jobs for Americans, between the production and distribution of Bioheat®, supporting our economy on a local and national level.

In January 2017, biodiesel production in the United States was 93 million gallons. With 6.4 million homes across the country using Bioheat® fuel to heat their homes, the biodiesel industry supports approximately 64,000 jobs across the U.S., and many are the highest paying and most affluent jobs in the country or region.


How Does Bioheat® Help Locally?

With support from the Oilheat industry, Bioheat® is helping advance environmental policy in key heating oil states like Massachusetts and New York. In 2010, Massachusetts enacted the first biofuel mandate in the country for home heating oil and on-road diesel fuel. In 2012, a large coalition of heating oil dealers and biodiesel producers from around the nation gathered at Boston’s Fenway Park and pledged to accelerate the use of Bioheat® fuel. Soon after, New York City adopted a biofuel mandate and so did the state of Rhode Island.

Currently in Massachusetts, Biofuel is playing a key role in helping the state meet its stated goals of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008. For example, Bioheat® upgrades have been implemented in many parks facilities as part of the Greenovate Boston initiative, which aims to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050.

And Massachusetts will soon be one of the first states in the country to provide renewable energy credits to Oilheat dealers who provide biofuel blends of B10 or higher to customers.

Clearly Bioheat® is helping to improve air quality while reducing heating costs for businesses and residential customers through improved energy efficiency and decreased fuel usage.


How Does Bioheat® Help our Homes?

Bioheat® fuel has undergone rigorous testing and is very safe for residential use in both new and older oil-fired heating systems. Biofuel use requires no modifications to a heating system. New heating equipment fueled with Bioheat® can reduce energy use by up to 40 percent, putting more money in your pocket and requiring fewer deliveries.

Bioheat® has become a key ingredient in the evolution of the Oilheat industry, but the well-known strengths of the retail heating oil dealer remain in place.  Most full-service Bioheat® dealers offer more than just fuel delivery — they may also offer 24/7 emergency service, budget plans, maintenance agreements and other value-added services. And, since there are so many dealers living in your community, you can choose the one that best meets your needs!