This Winter, Stay Warm with Bioheat® Fuel, the Cleaner, Greener Heating Oil

Instead of traditional heating oil, Massachusetts oil retailers are now delivering Bioheat fuel to your home. Bioheat is a blend of low-sulfur home heating oil and biodesel—a renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel made from a variety of natural oils. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and reduces greenhouse gases and other emissions. Because Bioheat burns more cleanly, your equipment can operate more effectively, which in turn helps to reduce consumption and save you money.


See our newspaper advertising campaign -- "We're Glad We Have Oil Heat" -- that appeared recently in many daily and weekly newspapers across the state.

How Will I Benefit from Bioheat?

  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Cost is comparable to traditional heating oil
  • Uses your existing heating system—no modification needed
  • Burns more cleanly, helping your heating system to operate at peak efficiency
  • Helps extend equipment life
  • Keeps your energy dollars in the U.S. by reducing dependency on foreign oil